Whole Industry Chain

  • Located in Zhongning County, Ningxia, the "hometown of wolfberry in China" — 600 years of artificial planting history
  •  The origin and core production area of wolfberry in the world
  •  37 degrees north latitude, the best area for growing wolfberry in the world
  •  Reclamation of original ecological soil, scientific management of planting
  • Kiwa BCS organic cultivation and processing trade certification
  • 1920 acres of organic wolfberry farms exported to the EU and the United States

Wolfberry Product Processing

The company is located at No. 1 Yingbin Avenue, Chengnan Street, Zhongning County, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. It has a factory building, a professional production line, and an experimental testing center that meet international food safety production standards. It has a production capacity of 5,000 tons/year of wolfberry raw juice and 1,000 tons/year of wolfberry concentrated juice and clear juice.

Lycium barbarum product development

Using wolfberry berries as raw materials, modern biotechnology is used to develop and produce fresh-keeping wolfberry juice at room temperature, which well maintains the natural flavor of fresh wolfberry fruit, preserves the biological activity and rich nutrients of wolfberry to the maximum extent, and ensures the safety of the product Therefore, it is a rare high-quality raw material for biopharmaceuticals, functional foods and functional beverages in the development of society, so it has high development value and broad market prospects.

The wolfberry powder developed and produced by the spray drying process has less loss of nutrients and can retain the original ingredients, taste, color and aroma of wolfberry to the greatest extent. In addition to direct consumption and medicinal use, wolfberry powder can also be used in large quantities as formula components and additives for various functional foods, functional drinks, and pharmaceuticals.